Golf Cart Battery Charger

What to Do If Your Golf Cart Battery Charger Isn't Working

You're probably familiar with charging the batteries if you own an electric golf cart. You may become stranded if your batteries run out. To avoid this, make sure your battery charger is in good working order.

If your battery charger ever malfunctions, you should be able to figure out what's wrong and how to fix it

You won't fix every issue with a simple DIY fix, but a thorough diagnosis might save you hours of frustration. In many circumstances, the remedy is straightforward, and you can handle it for a low cost. In cases where a professional touch is required, the diagnosis will be specific. For a list of symptoms and treatments for your battery charger, continue reading.

Your Charger Isn't Working

The charger may be still functional even if it doesn't turn on. Here are some things to look at first:

Check to see if the battery charge is too low.

If it doesn't turn on, you may have waited too long to charge them, and the energy they currently have is too low for the charger to recognize them. When your charger can't tell whether or not your batteries are connected, it won't turn on. A 25-30 volts base charge is usually enough to wake up and start charging.

Specific chargers have modes that keep your batteries charged even while you're not using them to solve this problem. A good option if you're going out of town and don't want to come home to dead batteries. If stranded with no charge, a small manual charger should be able to provide enough juice for each battery to activate your regular charger.

Check Your Connections

If your batteries aren't connected properly, or the connections between them are weak or frayed, you'll soon lose power, and your charger will stop working. Check each battery terminal for corrosion; any accumulation will obstruct the current flow and could result in difficulties.

Charger vs. Battery

Plugin your charger and nothing happens, it's most likely a problem with your batteries or connections. A voltage tester is necessary to determine whether your batteries need to be replaced or recharged. You can tell if your batteries are still functional and need a charge or if they need to be replaced by testing them. Batco provides this free service if you bring the batteries in for them to look at in the workshop.

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Problems with the Battery Charger

Charger Runs Too Long or Insufficiently Long

You may have a problem with the cart's computer if you plug in your charger and it under or overcharges. If your charger's "brain" fails, it may be unable to determine when to cease charging. Although a simple lesson on how to replace this component may save you money, you may need to buy a new one.

Clicking Sound

If the charger produces a clicking sound when you plug it in but then does nothing, it's a good bet that it knows it's time to charge but is having trouble doing so. In this case, have it examined by an expert. Check your warranty if you have one while changing any component of your charger.

Golf Cart Issues

If you have a 48-volt Club Car, your golf cart can sometimes obstruct proper charging. If your batteries only carry a small amount of energy and your charger still won't charge them, your golf cart's internal computer may be confused about how much charge they have.

The charge of your batteries can only be monitored by the club car, but it's worth noting because these computers can fail and require replacement.

The relay makes a "click" sound when connecting it to your charger if the Club Car's computer is working correctly. If it doesn't, a blown fuse is likely. If the fuse is OK, the relay may be faulty. If the fuse is OK, you may have a defective relay, albeit this is uncommon.

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