Solar Installation – with 2 x 240ah Lithium Batteries

Solar Installation – with 2 x 240ah Lithium Batteries

It is no secret that the lithium battery is the new kid on the block when it comes to battery storage, offering an unmatched cycle life and delivering up to four additional cycles when compared to a lead acid battery. Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries boast superior power and technology for Camping, 4W driving and Caravanning. It also makes a hard to beat impression when it comes to solar and marine applications. 

Here at BATCO our lithium-ion phosphate batteries are the ideal drop-in replacements for existing lead acid or AGM gel batteries. The in-built battery management system (BMS) controls the minimum and maximum charge rates, so you can still use your existing charging system. We guarantee the best deep cycle batteries when it comes to quality and value for money, combined with decades of experience and knowledge on the subject.

Featuring the Batco 240 amp hour Solar Lithium Battery 

When looking for solar installation for your RV, Caravan or the like - many people are waking up to power and efficiency of the lithium 240ah deep cycle battery.  These batteries x 2 connected in parallel will deliver a big load of power outputting over 400 amp hours between them. This is equivalent to 600ah when compared to an AGM battery. These lightweight beauties do not require cleaning or corrosion removal and can be stored inside as they do not give off toxic fumes. Additional features when looking to buy this lithium solar battery include:

  • Consistent output voltage held all the way to the flat
  • Technology to balance the internal battery cells whilst charging and also whilst discharging
  • Fast charging times 4-6 hours to full charge
  • Safety measures that safeguard against, explosion, firing and leaking
  • In-built battery management system (BMS) controls the minimum and maximum charge rates
  • Lower self-discharge rate
  • Lightweight – up to 70% lighter than Lead Acid Batteries 
  • Can be charged hundreds of times

There are many advantages to these solar batteries when wanting to go off grid and the list of benefits confirm that these batteries are essential for a seamless solar set up. In remote areas or places where electricity outages are prevalent 240ah batteries are an ideal investment, as they store energy for later use.  

Tip: If a battery is too cheap be wary. Some dishonest distributors may make false claims on the storage capacity of a solar battery. In this case, even though it may be a cheap deep cycle battery it may not be the best, in more ways than one. 

he in-built battery management system (BMS) controls the minimum and maximum charge rates

Inverters for Lithium Ion Batteries

It is important to purchase the correct sized inverter for your 240ah lithium battery set up. A good starting point is to work out what appliances you will need to run off your batteries and how many batteries will be required to power the appliance/s - in terms of watts needed to meet the peak discharge of each appliance. We stock a range of inverters and application information, perfectly suited for your off road experience.

Our inverters are fully configurable, including:

Low voltage alarm trip and reset levels

Low voltage cut-off and restart levels 

Dynamic cut-off: load dependent cut-off level

Output voltage 210 - 245V

Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz

ECO mode on/off and ECO mode sense level


In - and output voltage and alarms

Ranging from 100watts – 5000watts

We also stock a large variety of batteries and accessories for all your battery needs including batteries for Motorcycles, Marine Boats, Golf Buggies, Trucks, Alarms and more.

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