Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Brisbane Supplier

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Brisbane

Superior Quality 6V, 12V & 24V Sealed Lead Acid Battery

With 12 Months to 48 Months Warranty

Sealed Lead Acid Batteries Brisbane

Searching replacements for your existing or damaged sealed lead acid batteries? BATCO SLA batteries might be the ideal choice for you.

The unique construction and sealing techniques of SLA type batteries guarantee leakproof operation in any position with no adverse effect to capacity or service life. Our range of SLA batteries utilize an electrolyte suspension consisting of high porosity, glass fibre material which in conjunction with plates, totally absorb and contain the electrolyte. There is no need to check specific gravity of the electrolyte or add water to this type of batteries during float service life. More than 1000 discharge/recharge cycles can be realised from SLA batteries depending on the depth of discharge.
We are selling high-quality 6V, 12V or 24V sealed lead acid battery with 12 a/h to 2000a/h that also comes with 12 up to 48 months warranty.
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Sealed Lead Acid Battery Main Features

  • Inexpensive and simple to manufacture.
  • Mature, reliable and well-understood technology - when used correctly, lead-acid is durable and provides dependable service.
  • The self-discharge is among the lowest of rechargeable battery systems.
  • Capable of high discharge rates.

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