Car Batteries Brisbane

Car Batteries Brisbane

Superior Quality 6V / 12V Car Batteries

50 cca to 1050 cca With 12 Months to 48 Months Warranty

car batteries brisbane

Probably the time will come that you'll have to replace the car battery once or twice during the life of your car or vehicle because it gets old or worn out from exposure to heat and repeated charging and discharging. A dead battery can be a real hassle, especially if you can't find your jumper cables or have to wait for roadside assistance. Taking care of your battery can help get the most service life from it, and being attentive to its condition and age can signal when it is time to begin shopping for a replacement before you are left stranded.

Batco Batteries is selling a high-quality Australian made battery for your car. We are selling 6V to 12V car battery with 50 cca to 1050 cca. Our products are guaranteed with 12 months to 48 months warranty.

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How we evaluate

Cold-cranking amps (CCA)

Cold-cranking amps (CCA) is a measure of how well the battery starts an engine during extremely cold weather. We use a freezer to simulate winter conditions, cooling batteries to 0° F, and rate batteries based on their performance. We feel that our CCA test is based on more realistic charging voltages and amperage demands than typical manufacturers’ tests, and our results show each battery’s relative cranking power, regardless of the manufacturer’s claims.

Reserve capacity

Reserve capacity indicates how long a battery can run a vehicle if the charging system—the alternator, stator, and rotor—fails. It’s also a measure of how long you can accidentally leave the headlights on and still get the car started without needing a jump-start. To test reserve capacity, our engineers measure how long it takes a fully charged battery to be discharged down to 10.5 volts, which is considered to be fully discharged. At that level, the car will be unable to start without a jump-start. We consider 1½ hours of power to be average. Higher-scoring models can supply power well past 2 hours.

Best Car battery replacement

These batteries cover the entire range of popular car and 4WD applications now and use EXG Technology*, upgrading it into an accessible expanded calcium battery and thus further strengthening its claim as the leading low maintenance battery and improving its already proven performance.

Car Battery Main Features

  • Long lasting
  • Unhindered functioning
  • Advanced features
  • Extended warranty

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