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Superior Quality 12V & 24V Deep Cycle AGM Truck Battery

50 cca to 1050 cca With 12 Months to 48 Months Warranty

Truck Batteries Brisbane

Whether it’s a big rig, a tractor or earth moving equipment, Batco has a solution for accommodating your truck battery needs. Maintainable and sealed maintenance free available.

Larger trucks may have two different battery groups: normal batteries for truck operations/engine starting and deep cycle batteries for stand-by/auxiliary systems of sleeper cab lighting/ entertainment modules and cooling when parked or to support auxiliary equipment such as tailgate lifters of removal trucks.

The system should be set up to give preferential charging to the main batteries. This is normally done in the off-road camper / outdoor RV markets.

Deep cycle batteries can come in flooded or AGM style construction.
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Deep Cycle: Flooded Batteries Vs AGM Batteries

Flooded Deep Cycle Battery


  • Low-cost
  • High surge current
  • Uncomplicated design that allows easy troubleshooting and repair


  • Require regular maintenance and topping up with distilled water
  • Unsealed case must be kept upright or the electrolyte will leak
  • Very heavy relative to the amount energy stored (low energy density)
  • Emits explosive hydrogen gas while charging so requires good ventilation
  • Must be shipped as Dangerous Goods

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Battery


  • Lighter and smaller than flooded lead-acid batteries for the same capacity
  • No regular maintenance or topping-up required
  • Low internal resistance allows very fast charging, with reduced energy loss
  • Sealed case allows batteries to be used, stored or transported in any orientation
  • No hydrogen emissions in normal use, reducing ventilation requirements
  • Slow self-discharge rate, suitable for long-term storage
  • Does not need to be shipped as Dangerous Goods
  • Most common type of deep-cycle battery


  • Costly than Flooded batteries
  • Charging too quickly or overcharging may damage the battery
  • Difficult to diagnose or repair
  • Very heavy with low energy density
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Why AGM Is the Best Truck Battery Replacement

Batco recommends the AGM style as this is the newest technology for use in RV / Caravans but important to remember they do not like heat such as an engine bay. They are built for maximum capacity and high cycle count. Although the battery is designed for cycling, full discharges still induce stress. Batco advises keeping the cycles moderate by avoiding a full discharge and charge the battery often.

Deep cycle batteries are specially designed with denser active material and thicker plates to withstand deep discharge-recharge service. They are also reinforced glass mat separators to reduce shedding of the active ingredient and damage from terrain vibration. Typically, starting car batteries use porous active material and thin plates so that high-amp energy can quickly be delivered for maximum starting power. Repeated cycling weakens the positive plates and makes the active material shed from the grids. Thus repeated use flattens the battery, this typically occurs in about 50 cycles.

Truck batteries are often 24V also, opposed to car batteries which are 12V.  It is possible to run two 12V batteries to deliver the same charge but not recommended if it can be avoided.
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